We will make a positive impact in our community by providing the highest quality martial arts instruction, guiding students on their journey to becoming better individuals through the disciplined practice of Martial Arts.


Character development is the foundation of our martial arts program. This is reflected in our Code of Conduct.

1.  Be loyal to your country.

2.  Be obedient to your parents.

3.  Be loving between husband and wife.

4.  Be cooperative between brother and sister.

5.  Be faithful between friends.

6.  Be respectful to your elders.

7.  Be trustworthy between teacher and student.

8.  Know the difference between good and evil.

9.  Never retreat in battle.

10.  Always finish what you start.


We provide a safe, supportive, fun environment in which every man, woman and child is given the tools to achieve their goals. We are a family-friendly training center and encourage dads, moms, kids, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends to train together.


We are conveniently located in Central Arlington on 303 (Pioneer Parkway) just west of Fielder Road.  We are across the street from the TexasFiit gym, and in between Firestone and Lisa's Chicken. Click here for map.


Sentinel Martial Arts' facility affords a top-notch training experience for all martial artists from beginners to Black Belts. Our 2800-square foot school is filled with natural light and features over 1500 square feet of premium-matted training area plus plenty of comfortable seating for parents, grandparents and other family members to sit and enjoy observing the students as they train. Our school's best-in-class Dollamur martial arts mats allows for firm, sure footing for all stand-up activities while providing safe cushioning for take-downs and ground work. We mainly utilize training equipment from Century, one of the best-known and well-respected names in martial arts. Heavy bags, striking shields, blockers, padded weapons, and safety sparring gear all enhance your training at Sentinel Martial Arts.