Here's what parents, students, instructors and others have to say about Sentinel Martial Arts...

  • confidence and calmness

    "Sentinel Martial Arts has been a blessing to our family and especially our son. He has learned there are people he can trust other than our family and friends. He has gained so much confidence and calmness in himself. He loves all his instructors and the entire staff at Sentinel and of course so do we. The entire way they teach and care for all students is amazing and it shows. The way they keep parents committed and involved is also awesome! If you want a place to teach discipline, respect, awareness, preparation for defense and self confidence, Sentinel Martial Arts is the place to go!!!"

    Jimmy & Cynthia Womack

  • a family of black belts

    "Our kids have been attending Sentinel Martial Arts since they were 3 years old with the Tiny Tigers program. We have been a part of this TKD family for more than eight years. From the discipline of Master Lewis, patience from Ms. Song and dedication from Mr. Herrera, the whole team has supported all four of us on our journey to achieving our black belts. Their lessons in the dojang also translate into the real world. We look forward to continuing our training for years to come!"

    Hubert Wong, General Contractor and An Wong, M.D.

  • discipline, respect, strong character

    "My family and I have been at Sentinel Martial Arts for over 10 years. Through those years I have learned self-discipline, respect for others, and strong character."

    Jay McAnally


    "Sentinel Martial Arts has reinforced all the things we work on at home like respect, discipline, teamwork, and more! Hope and her team are incredible and connect with the children so well! It’s obvious that they love what they do. We are thankful for a wonderful place that our child can go to learn & grow!"

    Monica Kornblum, Speech Pathologist


    "My son attends Sentinel and he loves it. He doesn’t want to miss. I like what he’s learning for self defense as well as discipline. I recommend Sentinel Martial Arts."

    Mitchell Alverson, Marketer

  • through a superhero lens

    "Sentinel helps our children learn about respect, confidence and manners through a superhero lens, which they absolutely love! It's fantastic that Sentinel teachers incorporate the importance of treating your family with respect, too."

    Kasha Vick, Counselor - Key Elementary School


    "My aunt and cousin attended for years and we finally tried some classes out and my kids loved it!! They enjoy learning Ninja skills, because ninjas are super cool. My two younger kids use the skills they're learning at home and school. Respect, attitude and choices. Sentinel has helped our kids not only grow in self esteem but understanding their responsibility as little helpers in our home. Thanks SMA!!!"

    Andrea Wade, Lic. Physical Therapist Assistant


    "We love Sentinel. Our son has so much fun and improves in every session. We love that he is learning physical skills as well as building positive character traits. The instructors work well with every child and hold them accountable in age appropriate ways. The class is fast paced and keeps the children's interest and attention. There are also older children who help and it's awesome to see how the little ones respond and look up to them. It is a very welcoming environment that I recommend to anyone who is looking."

    Meghan Anderton


    "Sentinel Martial Arts has become my son's favorite place to go. It provides a very wholesome and family-friendly atmosphere while at the same time teaching my son a skill that has given him a great deal of confidence. He has a behavior disorder but the instructors have been infinitely patient with him and have earned his respect and mine as well. Joining Sentinel is one of the best decisions I've made for my son."

    Ruben A.


    "Sentinel Martial Arts is a part of our school community. Every week, our children are encouraged and challenged to master their bodies, thoughts and emotions in a constructive way. We have witnessed the impact in our children's behavior, coordination, self-esteem. Parents love that they are building skills for life."

    Noris Alvarado, Director - Evergreen Bilingual Learning Center


    "We have 2 children who are now 5 and 7. Both started attending Sentinel at the age of 3. When they began they were in the Tiny Tigers program which develops basic coordination, a solid foundation of focus, fun group activities, sometimes challenges that help encourage and grow my children's self confidence, and many more things about consistency showing up and being a well rounded individual in life. The teachers are fun yet still hold them accountable, this in my opinion is great for children from any walk of life. Now both have moved up into the Super Kids class. This class teaches great self defense, more advanced coordination and balance, and has taught my children that you can overcome certain obstacles that you fear in life. They were both young coming into the class that's available to kids from K-6th grade as 5 year olds and they felt nervous about joining bigger kids. The teaching made them not only feel comfortable but also built up their mental and physical confidence."

    Brent Cecil


    "Sentinel Martial Arts' training gives kids the advantage they need - it builds focus which increases their potential in school."

    George Subashi, Teacher


    "My sister and I have been students at Sentinel Martial Arts for over 4 years now. Sentinel has engaging classes for all ages, and they're exceptional at teaching both traditional Taekwondo and practical self-defense to students of all ages. My time here has increased my self confidence, self esteem, and bettered my communication skills. I'm more willing to challenge myself and try new things. Sentinel truly has the ability to transform people into better versions of themselves. I know I can go into the dojang in the worst mood possible but always emerge with a genuine smile on my face, and that can be attributed to the phenomenal instructors: Master Lewis, Ms. Song, and Mr. Jose. They have a special talent for making every student feel seen and heard while also teaching them discipline, integrity, and perseverance. They've built an atmosphere that fosters relationships and personal growth unlike any other, and I can not express enough how much I value them and this school."

    Simran Pereira


    "My child has been taking classes at Sentinel Martial Arts for around six months, and he loves it! He enjoys interacting with the other children and learning new techniques that he demonstrates to his friends and family members. The environment at the dojang is positive, and the instructors are wonderful. They are patient and kind, yet firm. I would highly recommend Sentinel Martial Arts!"

    Dorisha Lewis


    "Sentinel Martial Arts changed my daughter's life for the better. Martial Arts has improved her focus, her self-esteem and her manners! She's always been a wonderful little human, but Sentinel is enhancing her greatness by helping her build life-long social and safety skills. Thanks, Sentinel team!"

    Susan Snipes, Owner - Employ HR Pro, LLC


    "I would definitely recommend Sentinel Martial Arts' program because it teaches not only physical skills, but social skills children may be lacking today which aligns with our school's social emotional learning curriculum."

    Alona Wilson, Librarian - Short Elementary School


    "I am so thankful for the sweet instructors at Sentinel Martial Arts, their patience and gentleness with training kids is wonderful! They help teach youngsters lessons that are beneficial throughout life and make learning lessons about character fun and engaging, even for extra-busy boys like mine!"

    Heather Merriman, Director - Woods Chapel Early Childhood Education Center


    "Sentinel teachers are very entertaining, so the kids really grasp the information. The character building is so valuable. The students especially like learning the physical techniques to be a Super Kid."

    Tim Duffy, Coach


    "Sentinel Martial Arts has done so much for me and taught me so many things, not just about self-defense, but about life. I've been a student here for over five years, I'm a Black Belt now. I’m still learning, loving it, and even training to become an instructor so I can help others through martial arts!"

    Aliah Garcia


    "Andrew wakes up every morning asking if he gets to go that day. He's always so excited to see the friends he’s made and the great instructors. Thank you for all you guys do!"

    Jacqueline Anaya, Teacher


    "My girls love being a part of the Sentinel Family. They get excited when they see their improvements. They like how older kids tend to them and help them out as well. They respect their instructors and regard their teachings of being attentive to parents. Sentinel is part of the village that helps me parent my two girls, home away from home positively." 

    Sara Massoud, Administrator - Rhombus Canvas LLC


    "When my parents initially enrolled me in martial arts classes at the age of 12, I was an unruly child who would complain, throw tantrums and hated having to do anything besides be home and play video games with my friends. For the first weeks, that was the case, I never wanted to go to class, I would always come up with excuses to not have to go. But my parents did what all good parents do since they knew that it was in my best interest to continue going. So they did not give in to my excuses, tantrums and bad attitude and continued to push me and take me to class. After a while, I really started enjoying all the activities and learning all of the good and useful techniques, and I loved my instructors, Master Lewis and Ms. Song who always made sure I had a good time in class. Now, a decade later, I can confidently say that starting martial arts completely changed my life and I'm blessed to be able to teach and help not only the students, but parents like mine who only want the best for their children, even if their children are a little too much like me when I was younger."

    Jose Herrera, Sentinel Instructor


    "My son Wolf has been a student at Sentinel Martial Arts from the age of three. He's now twelve, a First Degree Black Belt, and will test for his Second Degree in April 2024. The effects of martial arts training in his life have been nothing short of miraculous. At his young age, he is healthy, fit and strong as a horse. He has developed the character qualities and maturity of someone much older. He is already working and teaching others, helping make their lives better. He is a friend to everyone he meets, he is respectful, kind, helpful and has a great attitude. We know his life would not be anything like it is today without the disciplined, guiding influence of growing up in martial arts. We would recommend to any parent to put and keep their children in a solid, character-based martial arts program like Sentinel Martial Arts. Besides building unrivaled balance, coordination, agility, speed, and accuracy, traditional martial arts instills humility - a beautiful character quality sorely lacking in the youth of today due to pop culture influences that teach the opposite. As parents, we can't do it all alone, we need others in our children's lives who reinforce the same values we are trying to instill. Over the years, it has been our privilege to partner with so many families in building their children into great martial artists and outstanding human beings who succeed in life and then pour themselves into helping others do the same."

    Hope Song, Program Director - Sentinel Martial Arts


    "Sentinel Martial Arts has to be one of the greatest places I’ve ever been to! My son has benefited from this by improving his focus and physical shape. As well as the environment it is very friendly and amazing I highly recommend it! 👍👍"

    Jenny Alvarenga